Benjamin Delgado
Benjamin Delgado
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In fulfilling my Life’s Dream, I have succeeded in becoming an FBI Special Agent with 23 years of investigative experience; all while amassing over 18 years in aviation piloting and flight operations as an FBI Aviation Coordinator and Safety Officer.

I have now chosen to leave this profession to pursue my Life’s Calling - helping others. In particularly, helping others achieve their dream of “The American Dream” – Home Ownership. From the first-time buyer to the building of one’s Dream Home, I want to share and be part of the joy that comes with home ownership and to bear the weight during the trials and tribulations one experiences in purchasing or selling the largest investment one would ever attempt.

In the past, I have learned how to Care for people during my commitment of the safe operation of aircrafts and personnel in and around an unpredictable aviation environment; making sure they come home after work. I will now use those same skills and higher education to make certain that individuals have a safe, reliable, and enjoyable home they can be proud of coming home to.

Not only have I completed the Texas requirements of becoming a real estate licensee, I have completed The University of Texas at San Antonio’s Executive MBA program. A program that highlights team building, international studies and travel, along with business planning and development that focuses on people and their communities. All and all, I possess an overall set of skills ideally suited for a Life in Real Estate. I hope you will allow me the opportunity to assist you and your family.